Matthew Francis

Matthew Francis
Title: Chef, Senior Video Producer, Director
Education: The Culinary Institute of America
Location: Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Expertise: Classic cooking techniques, nutritional cooking


  • James Beard Foundation National Scholars Midwest Award, Julia Child Foundation Award

Matthew Francis is a chef, senior producer and director for Dotdash Meredith’s seven iconic food brands and produces and stars in the bright and instructional video series from EatingWell, Fresh & Simple. He is known for his more than 3,200 recipe videos, as well as his cooking competition wins, food travel vlogs and published LGBTQ+ fiction writing. His professional restaurant background, B.B.A. culinary degree and life as a young digital native make him the perfect chef to break down complex cooking tasks with humor and simplicity for home cooks who watch online. With over 11 years in the culinary world, Matthew is able to efficiently explain culinary techniques and terms with endearing charm, passion and wit. Matthew specializes in describing the commonly forgotten “why” with all cooking steps. He also loves wholesome nutrition, twists on classic recipes, and exploring thrilling authentic dishes from around the world. His goal is to be your chatty best friend in the kitchen who makes cooking an educational and soul-enriching habit you savor every day.


Matthew’s food video experience began at the Culinary Institute of America, where he got his bachelor's in Culinary Arts Management with a minor in entrepreneurship. Before graduating, he won national cooking competitions to earn scholarship money and filmed food and travel videos on his personal YouTube channel. In 2017, he was hired as a food intern by BuzzFeed’s Tasty and soon became one of their full-time chefs and producers, creating over 120 viral food videos until 2019 when he formed FrancisFilm, LLC. Under this company, Matthew has created his food interview show DinnerViews, published his first queer sci-fi action novel, PRAX and the Hazardous Countdown, and written and produced the gay coming-of-age romance movie, Scraps.

In 2021, Matthew joined Dotdash Meredith as a chef and senior video producer to lead a food and film crew and direct 20 hands-only recipe videos each week for the company’s food brands. In 2023, Matthew partnered with EatingWell to lead their social-first show, Fresh & Simple.

Matthew has a deep and natural passion for cooking and storytelling which stems from his Luxembourgish/Italian family and years of watching way too much food TV and sci-fi movies. A true Gen Z and millennial mix, Matthew knows how to make food oh-so-satisfying for the fast-paced world of social media, pop culture and global interests. When not cooking, producing or writing, Matthew loves to play softball and Dungeons & Dragons and go for long nature walks listening to comedy podcasts and audiobooks.


B.B.A. in Culinary Arts, The Culinary Institute of America

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