13 Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Work and School


The ancient Japanese tradition of packing meals in a bento box, a decorative container with small compartments, has caught on around the world. We love bento box lunches because the compartments help control portion sizes, and they're great for kids too. They also give you a lot of variety in your meals. We're also fans of bistro-box lunches, which are inspired by Starbucks' picnic lunches to go. Try these easy bento box lunch ideas to shake up your lunch routine.

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Clean-Eating Bento Box Lunch


Who says bento boxes are just for kids? This healthy bento-style lunch—loaded with clean, satisfying foods—is perfect to pack for work.

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Turkey & Cheese Pinwheels Bento Lunch

Turkey & Cheese Pinwheels Bento Lunch

Bite-size pinwheels of turkey, cheese and lettuce make an appealing centerpiece of this bento box. Crisp celery sticks and juicy blueberries are tasty accompaniments, while popcorn, mixed with chocolate chips, makes a satisfying snack or dessert. Plus, this healthy lunch is so easy to pack and can even be made the night before.

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Protein Bistro Lunch Box

Protein Bistro Lunch Box

Inspired by Starbucks' bistro boxes, this affordable lunch is easy to make and pack yourself. With high-protein ingredients like a hard-boiled egg, edamame and tuna, this bistro-style lunch will leave you feeling satisfied.

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Cucumber Salad, Hummus & Pita Bento Box Lunch

Cucumber Hummus Pita Bento Box Lunch
Ali Redmond

Enjoy this refreshing bento box idea on your lunch break. It combines cucumber salad, hummus, pita and more for a satisfying work lunch.

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Charcuterie Bistro Lunch Box

Charcuterie Bistro Lunch Box

Inspired by Starbucks' bistro boxes, this packable lunch is just like a personal-size cheese plate to take on the go. The healthy and easy snack-style meal is perfect to take for lunch at work or for a light picnic date night.

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Taco Salad Bento Lunch for Kids


No more half-eaten lunches—this taco-inspired bento box lunch is a healthy and portable meal your kid will love.

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Vegan Bistro Lunch Box

Vegan Bistro Lunch Box

Perfect to pack for lunch to take to work or for a picnic in the park, this vegan bistro box is filled with Mediterranean diet-inspired crunchy vegetables, pita bread, creamy hummus and olives.

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Rainbow Bento Lunch for Kids


This bento box idea makes lunch fun. With its colorful carrots and swirled yogurt, this packable lunch is a healthy meal kids will actually want to eat—no more half-eaten lunches.

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Fruit & Cheese Bistro Lunch Box

Fruit & Cheese Bistro Lunch Box

This fruit, cheese and cracker box inspired by Starbucks' bistro boxes is a fun and healthy alternative to your standard sandwich. It's the perfect personal-size cheese plate to pack for a work lunch or a picnic in the park.

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PB&J Bistro Lunch Box

PB&J Bistro Lunch Box

Inspired by Starbucks' bistro boxes, this peanut butter and jelly lunch will be loved by kids and adults alike. Accompanied by sandwich sides including a yogurt parfait, fruit, veggies and popcorn, this healthy packable lunch will keep you full until dinner.

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Buffalo-Style Bistro Lunch Box


These tailgate-inspired lunch bowls can be assembled in about 15 minutes using just a handful of ingredients from your local specialty grocery store, like pregrilled chicken and spicy Buffalo-flavored hummus. We're packing these up with crunchy veggie sticks and blue cheese so you can savor all the game-day flavors but for a fraction of the calories.

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Breakfast-for-Lunch Bento for Kids


This bento box idea is full of your kid's breakfast favorites, even waffles. This lunch is packed with healthy foods you will feel good about serving and kids will actually be excited to eat.

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Deconstructed Cobb Salad Bento Lunch for Kids


This kid-friendly twist on classic Cobb salad gives children the choice to eat all the healthy ingredients—veggies, turkey, eggs, bacon and avocado—together or separately. Packing it all in a bento box makes it easy to tote to school and keeps all the ingredients from touching, a plus for picky eaters.

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