7 Places in Milan Everyone Should Visit at Least Once, According to Giada De Laurentiis

This travel guide is straight out of a dream.

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If there's anyone we're going to trust to show us some of the best eateries and must-visit locations in Milan, Italy, it's Giada De Laurentiis. She just launched her own Guide to Milan on Giadzy, and it's fair to say that our mouths are watering at the visuals from the 17 restaurants she recommended. And on her Instagram, De Laurentiis posted her ideal day in Milan, showcasing her favorite sightseeing activities and chocolaty treats to share from her guide.

Ready to book your flight? Here's the top seven places you should consider adding to your itinerary, according to Giada.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Not only is the Galleria Italy's first shopping mall, but it is also the oldest mall in the world. It features the first Prada store, stunning architecture and high-end Italian designer brands. De Laurentiis describes it as "stunning" and "pretty" in person, so it's the perfect place for casual shopping while immersing yourself in Milanese history.

Caffe Camparino

For a classic cocktail, head on over to Caffe Camparino. De Laurentiis suggests ordering the Milano Torino cocktail, which is a classic negroni. Plus, the cafe offers delightful scenery with an historical ambience and the bartenders' sophisticated black-and-white attire.

Duomo di Milano

If you're traveling to Milan, you probably already had the Duomo in mind as a sight to visit. However, De Laurentiis shares the "best way to see it" that will really elevate your experience: taking the stairs up to the top! It will cost an extra fee to climb the 250 steps up, but the view will be worth the hike.

Milano Centrale

This stop won't be a hard find if you're using public transportation to get around Milan. Yes: De Laurentiis recommends visiting Milan's train station for the delicious food and unique atmosphere. She especially suggests the arancini stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella at the Mercato Centrale.


There's no such thing as "too full" when traveling in Italy, so stop by Biancolatte for a quick coffee—and perhaps a pastry, too! De Laurentiis loves sipping on a midday macchiato before she heads off to her next adventure.

Guido Gobino

De Laurentiis claims this stop as her "favorite chocolate shop in all of Italy," so you have to pay it a visit when you're in Milan.

"I've been eating their chocolate since I was a kid, and it is to die for," De Laurentiis raves in her Instagram video. "They also have a melted dark chocolate drink, like a really, really rich hot chocolate."

If you're looking to try the rave-worthy chocolate before your future Italian excursion, you can buy it on Giadzy!

Navigli District

The vibrant Navigli neighborhood is an ideal place for dinner and ending your day on a high note. It's right beside a historic canal for beautiful views and sparkling lights. In her official guide, De Laurentiis suggests Al Porto as a traditional restaurant nearby for a delicious seafood dinner.

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